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    Daniel Krajnak

    Hi Monica,

    An advisor's caseload is made up of students which they are assigned to and students that they follow. If you would like to create a saved filter of just students that you follow, you can create a new filter with just students that you follow.  Click on the plus button next to the Filter button in the upper left to create a new filter,  Once the modal pops up, you can select "Only Students I Follow".  We don't currently have plans to make this into a standard filter for all users.  There is not a way to exclude followed students via a filter, though, this may change as we improve filters and the student search experience.

    We generally try to stay away from emulating certain SIS or LMS systems as our schools use a wide variety of systems.

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    Permanently deleted user

    It looks like if you follow a student and they do not have a current registration, they will not show up in the Caseload.  We have noticed this with our test dog account, Charlie.

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    Christina Steele

    Thank you Mary, that is exactly what I came here to find out!


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