Sending a Message to My Caseload




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    Heather Taynor

    The current student status means any student that is assigned to you with a current or future registration. Students who have been assigned to you but do not have current or future registration data would not receive the message.

    The difference between sending to your Caseload or Roster is that sending a message to My Roster allows faculty members or those who are teaching courses to send a message to students who may be taking their course yet they are not the advisor for.  The sending of a message to My Caseload refers to those students who are assigned to you. 

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    Morrow, Andy


    Thank you for that information! If I select to send a message to students on My Caseload, will that also send a message to students I follow? 


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    Permanently deleted user

    Morning Heather, 

    Does it matter if someone goes to Settings and checks Current vs. Continuing under Caseload?  In other words, if I check both Current and Continuing, will it message current, future, and students who attended in the past year?  Or, does it always default to current/future regardless of the box checked?

    Thank you!

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