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    Sarah Hood

    First, it's important to ensure you have been granted the proper permission in the administrative screens to edit resources if you are not an administrator yourself. 

    Second, when looking at all the listed resources it is important to make sure each resource is marked as Active. To adjust this setting, click on the small pencil icon to the right on the resource. This will allow you to mark each resource as Active.  

    Finally, you will also need to go into each individual resource and mark that resource as Public and Active. After clicking on an individual resource, above the resource title you will find an Edit button with a pencil icon. After clicking edit you will be provided options to supply more detail about that particular resource. To ensure students are able to see these resources, they must be marked both Active and Public. Once doing so, scroll down to the bottom of your screen and click Save. 

    Once saved, resources are then public to students and staff. 

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